Rachel Caccia

The Friends of The Epiphoni Consort are integral to the success of our choir.

Epiphoni aspires to the highest professional standards and to continually explore new repertoire and concert formats. With no guaranteed regular funding and ticket sales rarely covering the full cost of our artistic endeavours, the Friends provide vital support to ensure we can pursue exciting and novel projects and development opportunities for our members.

Specifically, your support helps us to:

  • Pursue new projects based on musical excellence, not profitability
  • Provide opportunities for our singers to work with leading vocal coaches and guest conductors
  • Continue to record our choir
  • Ensure that we are open to all by continuing to have no subscription fees for our members
  • The scheme also provides an opportunity for supporters to get closer to the choir and to be the first to hear of our new projects and developments

Ways to support us and what we provide in return


From £30 / year

  • One complimentary ticket per friend per year to one Epiphoni self-promoted concert of your choice
  • Complimentary programme for all Epiphoni self-promoted events
  • Epiphoni newsletter twice yearly
  • Acknowledgement in programmes and online for Epiphoni self-promoted events


From £200 / year

All Friend benefits, plus:

  • One complimentary ticket per benefactor to all Epiphoni self-promoted concerts
  • A signed copy of all existing and any future Epiphoni recordings released whilst a Benefactor.
  • An opportunity to attend an Epiphoni rehearsal

Thanks to our existing friends and benefactors:

  • Jenny McPherson
  • Susan Wheatley
  • Helen Winter
  • Evelyn Olsen
  • Ben Heald & Mary Maybin
  • Jon Bannister
  • Charlie Colenutt
  • Graham Davies
  • Rose Dixon
  • Hugo Farne
  • George & Sheena Haig
  • Lara Scheidegger
  • Rufus Stilgoe
  • Alice & Jeremy Hamilton
  • Alec & Pat Pelmore
  • Richard Pelmore
  • Portia Light
  • Morgan Simes
  • Adrian Collister
  • Russell Keable & George Friend
  • Dinah Shoults
  • Jess Haig
  • Caroline & Stephen Taylor
  • Janet Low
  • Chris Bruerton
  • Graham Kirk
  • Andrew Milner-White
  • Nick Daly
  • GD West
  • Milly Pelmore
  • Emily Benson
  • Alister Whitford
  • Sara George
  • John Wilson
  • Robert Max
  • Zoe Max
  • Samantha Pollard