New music recording with Bernard Hughes

We had a lovely spring day recording more music by our friend Bernard Hughes, to be self-released on Spotify.

The theme was largely Christmas featuring settings of A Babe is Born, The Shepherd’s Carol, Here we Come A Wassailing – and three others.

We also did a recording of his Epiphany, a setting of a new text by Hywel John – giving us a kind of “signature piece”! We hope to feature this at concert later in the year. The text is below, as it a video taken of our singing.

Choir at Hughes recording


Now a chorus in a dream
Unawakened and unseen
Sings epiphanies of where
The revelation hides in air

Listen close, this sound is sleep,
Listen here, your heart might leap
With some unknown now knowing –
Wake to sing! Yes sing this showing!

Sudden burst of soul, a gift,
Something less now whole, a shift
In struggle, in all our dream
That waits to sing – Yes sing, be seen!

by Hywel John

Below: unedited video capture of Hughes’s A Babe is Born