Imagery for Song of Songs

Selecting a publicity image for a Song of Songs programme is a challenge. To get around this, for our first Arise My Love performance we used a word cloud, which was effective in landscape dimensions. What about a poster? Everything is either ill-suited or been used before.

Then our designer had a brainwave and found these – lino cuts illustrating the Song of Songs by Lithuanian artist Stasys Krasauskas.

The website where we found them says this:

“…portraying the pure beauty of young figures, intertwined in graceful poses…the elevated and serene spirit of the masterful oriental poetry is revealed quite effectively by the rhythm of flat figures resembling archaic figures cut onto stone slabs. The motifs of nature are both symbolic and decorative. The metaphorical images of the sun, wings, flowing water, a twig of vine, symbolize love’s warmth and tenderness, its vitality and upsurge.”

“Full of serenity, the cycle is composed like a variation of a musical theme, each separate print ever disclosing new sides of the same motif”

Epiphoni_Arise my love_backdrop

Find out more about our Arise My Love performance on Sat 9th May 2015 here.