I’m particulalry delighted to be doing our first concert after the longest break this (or probably any!) choir has had at the Voces8 Centre.

It might be because it’s the first venue Epiphoin performed in; it might be because a number of the group and staff at the Foundation are p;ersonal friends; and it might be a whole host of reasons combined.

Another is that I genuinely truly love the music of this ensemble. It’s been my go-to during lockdown; I have multiple playlists for different and they never once fail to reach the parts that other music cannot get close.

And it’s true to the ethos of the organisation that they have spent this time working out how to bring back concerts using technology, not just for themselves

At this point in time they are the only venue I nkow of kitted out and ready to use for this purpose.

So it’s with great delight and a sense of ‘rightness’ that we are launching

Another pleasing tie-in in a piece commissioned from Owain Park by Voces8 which we recorded. We will be performing this as part of the launch event; here is a sneak preview.