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Page last modified: 23rd Oct 2020.

All Howells rehearsals:

Venue: St Gabriel’s Pimlico, Warwick Square


  • Gather at side entrance for vestry
  • 6:50 choir 1 briefing  – get positioned
  • 7pm choir 2 arrival and briefing
  • Rehearsal begins together with warm-up
  • We’ll sing from the stage area not the pews this week, and possibly try with half the choir in the balcony at some point
  • Breaks separate and ideally outdoors
  • Finish by 9pm
  • Please review Risk Assessment prior to attending (linked at bottom of page)


Howells scores are provided; everything else please print your own / sing from a tablet (not phone). Use the WhatsApp to ask for help if you have difficulty with either of those.

Week 9

Thurs 29th
St Gabriel’s

Guest For the Fallen

Walford Davies Gloria

Howells #1, #2, #3, #5 (we may touch on the others too)

Harris Bring Us – you only need to prepare this if you’re not in Faire

Annie (2)
Mils (1)
Sapphire Armitage (1)
Becky Ryland-Jones (1)
Jess (1)
Emma Kjellin (2)
Laura Bevan (2)
Abaigh (2)
Greg Windle (2)
Chris Pelmore (1)
Gareth (2)
Andy Dickson (1)
Shoults (1)
Milo (2)
Amatey Doku (2)

Sat 31st
2-5pm reh for Monday
St Gabriel’s

Week 10

Mon 2nd Nov – All Souls
Howells Requiem and Mass at St Gabriel’s
6pm for 7:30


Sunday 8th Nov
UPDATED: 2:30pm for 5pm
Remembrance Sunday recital, St George’s Bloomsbury
Howells Req performance plus Harris anthems, For the Fallen, Rest, Walford Davies Requiem excerpts, Parry #4, and (tbc) Holy is the True Light by Owain Park.


Week whatever it is

Sunday 22nd Nov

St Cecilia’s Day evensong

As emailed.


St Gabriel’s Pimlico, Warwick Square

St James Islington, Prebend Street

St Mary Le Strand WC2R 1ES

St George’s Bloomsbury WC1A 2SA


Howells Requiem

Faire is the Heaven  – Harris

Bring us O Lord God – Harris

For the fallen – Guest

Excerpts of Walford-Davies Short Requiem

Rest – RVW (TBC)

There is an old belief – Parry (TBC)

Holy is the True Light – Park (TBC)

Risk assessment and consent form

Your are invited to view our work-in-progress Risk Assessment

Please add relevant comments.

You will be asked to consent to the declaration prior to each meeting.



Name 31st 2nd 8th
Ros Ford N Y Y
Claire Clarke N Y N
Helen Price (not needed) N Y
Emma McAllister N N N
Annie TBC Y Y
Mils Y Y Y
Sapphire Armitage N Y Y
Becky Ryland-Jones Y Y Y
Pippa Wright Y Y Y
Helen Roberts N N N
Rose Dixon N N Y
Emma Kjellin Y Y Y
Laura Bevan Y Y Y
Jess Haig Y Y Y
Abaigh Y Y Y
Sarah May Y TBC Y TBC Y
Christina Y Y Y
Leo (not needed) N Y
Gareth Moss (not needed) N Y
Greg Windle Y Y Y
Alister Whitford Y Y Y
Tim L Y Y Y
Chris Pelmore Y Y Y
Samir Y Y Y
Mark Williams N N N
Andy Dickson Y Y Y
Shoults N Y Y
Morgan (not needed) N Y
Graham Kirk N Y Y
Milo Y Y Y
Nick Daly N Y Y
Amatey Doku Y Y N
Adam Jones Y Y Y