Bach Mass in B Minor

7:30 pm, Sat 29 October 2022

Canterbury Cathedral Nave

Epiphoni join forces with Canterbury Choral Society, conductor Richard Cooke, the London Handel Orchestra
and a star array of soloists to perform this mighty work of works.

Miriam Allan Soprano
David Allsopp Counter-Tenor
Nicholas Madden Tenor
Tristan Hambleton Bass

Bach’s Mass in B minor is generally regarded as one of the high points of Western music, indeed by some as its pinnacle, yet most of it consists of recycled movements taken from earlier cantatas. An aspect of Bach’s genius was his ability to transform music written for one purpose into something so perfect in its new setting that the listener finds it difficult to believe that it could have been written for anything else.

For choirs it provides a special challenge with its technical demands, and yet the superbly-crafted writing takes us all on a voyage which inspires throughout. Relatively little of the work is in B minor; D major is rather more prominent – the key for trumpets and splendour which Bach provides in glorious and climactic abundance, standing out in dramatic contrast with the intense pathos of other sections.


Mass in B Minor Bach

Video: Epiphoni rehearse the fiendish tutti bass passage from Et Ressurexit. John Butt conducts.

Getting there

Canterbury Cathedral, The Precincts, Canterbury, UK

Nearest station: Canterbury West/East