Working with composers

Epiphoni are champions of new music and living composers.

Epiphoni recording

Professional-standard choir without the price-tag

Through our three CD recordings of living composers, together with our contemporary concert programming, commissions and ad hoc recording work, Epiphoni has established itself as a champion of living composers and a skilled recording choir of contemporary repertoire.

Our CD recordings have been hailed by critics as comparable to those of a professional ensembles.

A sample of reviews can be found below.

Our work

We have released three full-length CDs on the Delphian label, by David Bednall, Owain Park and Bernard Hughes.

In addition, we have produced several digital, self-released items: two sets of carols for Bernard Hughes, the first of which is available on Spotify (the second set follows June 24), and likewise a Nunc Dimittis by Jamie Cumming-Wesley, which you can hear below.

We have workshopped music for Noah Max including a piece we later performed and filmed: Yivarechecha.


All our pricing is tailored to your specific requirements but as a guide, here are some services we offer and typical costs:

Read-through / workshop:In a 2-3 hours evening session we’d aim to sing through and workshop 4-5 pieces (assuming a few minutes each).£50 per 3-5 minute piece. (£200-250 for an evening)
Recording day2.5-hour sessions x 2
Output: EP of around 5-6 pieces
Full CDNegotiable depending on dificulty and recording session duration£3,000 to £6,000
Filming and video editingExamples to follow£40 per minute of music
Score videosFollow the score along with the music.£60/piece
Please note, quoted costs include choir, conductor and our admin. Costs exclude venue hire, recording engineers etc.

Tim Reader at recording session

Other services

Tim Reader our director also works with composers, coaching them on marketing, developing their websites and leveraging digital platforms for promotion and engagement.