Applications and auditions

Current vacancies

As of June 2022:

  • We seek 1-2 altos to join for summer and autumn to cover singers on maternity, with an option to extend into the future!
  • We welcome applications for the waiting list from all voice parts. We expect to audition in July or August.

Please complete this form to apply and arrange an audition.

Epiphoni SJSS steps informal

About the choir

The Epiphoni Consort is a project-based chamber choir, based in London, for singers of advanced training but who, in the majority of cases, pursue other careers.

Many have sung in cathedral choirs and university college chapels; some pursue ongoing vocal study; many sing on London’s church deputy circuit or as occasional oratorio soloists; and many are good old fashioned dedicated amateurs.

The age-range of the present group is 25-55 with the core age group in the late-twenties/early thirties bracket. All age groups are eligible and welcome to apply.

It’s a friendly, sociable choir with equal dedication to post-sing pub and other social events as to music-making.

Singer profile

Typical qualities, experience and expectation of choir members:

  1. Formal musical training and solid vocal technique
    Members have typically had singing lessons and sung extensively in accomplished choirs (perhaps collegiate or cathedral environments, or National Youth Choirs)
  2. Ninja sightreading skills
    and confident holding a line 1-to-a-part
  3. Involvement in social side of the choir
    Friends make better singers. Epiphoni is right for you if you enjoy getting to know your fellow choir members, going for a drink or three after rehearsals and prioritising social events in your calendar
  4. Willingness to contribute to the running of the group
    There is a small committee and one part-time staff member; it is otherwise entirely run by volunteers from within the group, with a significant workload to make it all happen
  5. Excellent “personal admin”
    Replying promptly to fixing emails, being on time to rehearsals and so on.
  6. Reliable and conscientious
    Honouring commitments to projects and making time to put work in between rehearsals


12-16 members of Epiphoni sing in all projects, with a flexible “opt out” option to accommodate clashes. The rest sing in around 50% of projects (“opt in”). We have a separate list of deputies, and also a waiting list. As the choir is so active, those on the waiting list usually get a look-in within a few months.

On average projects are 2-3 rehearsals only. As the schedule is lean, 100% rehearsal attendance is expected.

Singers are asked to prepare music between rehearsals to ensure familiarity and to guarantee the sort of accomplished performances the choir has built its reputation on. We’ve all sung in choirs where the goal is to do a good enough job on minimal preparation; with Epiphoni we’re trying to aim a bit higher.

Typical year

  • 2-3 London-based concerts per term
  • 2-3 choir-for-hire engagements such as weddings, or corporate events around Christmas — all members are expected to sign up to these (see below)
  • 1-2 evensongs in and around London (Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, St Albans to date)
  • Half a dozen church services in our rehearsal venues, in return for venue hire discount. A regular is St Gabriel’s Pimlico.
  • 1 away weekend
  • 1 or more non-music socials in London area


To date, there have never been subs/membership fees to be a member of the choir. Instead, members are asked to sing in at least one of the fundraisers (weddings, carol concerts, corporate bookings) each year. Those who cannot do this generally offer a donation.

All members are invited to donate modestly to costs by becoming a Friend of the choir – entirely optional.

On rare occasions where music scores cannot be supplied by the choir, members are asked to source their own music (usually for scores that will get repeat use) but subsidy is available for people with financial constraints.

There are 1-2 out-of-town engagements per year — which have included Canterbury Cathedral, Wiltshire Music Centre, Thurgarton Priory and Churchill, Somerset. Within or around the M25 we ask members to absorb their own travel costs if possible; beyond, travel is normally covered.

Some members make an occasional donation to the choir, via the Friends scheme or directly. These contributions have enabled us to secure a regular rehearsal venue in zone 1 (near Euston) instead of moving round London finding the cheapest option. (Other rehearsal locations include Pimlico, the City (Voces8 Centre), and Vauxhall.)

Arrange an audition

If the above sounds like the right fit, please send a CV and brief email to Tim Reader, Artistic Director, at and we’ll let you know the current vacancies situation and when auditions are taking place.