A recent committee meeting happily coincided with recent developments in the guidance for choirs so we were able to discuss that in relation to a restart for Epiphoni.

We have collectively agreed that we can resume rehearsals in September subject to complying with the government guidance for doing so. Here’s the ABCD guidance for non-professionals which we’ll be paying close attention to, if you’re interested.

Subject to further clarity on that, the plan is initially to rehearse in smaller groups, of around 12 voices, working on some of the same repertoire (with a view to putting it together en masse later) along with some ensemble-specific items that would later be performed in the consort proportions in which they’ve been prepared.

We’ll work towards a notional Remembrance-themed concert in November (in the full expectation it may not go ahead!) so we meet with a purpose, as well as for the joy of singing and seeing each other again!

Please feel free to message Adrian if you have specific questions about covid-related guidance, and what Epiphoni is doing to comply with the guidance and ensure safety at our rehearsals.

Via your email please use the poll to indicate availability, carefully following all the instructions.

We fully respect if anyone would prefer not to take part – in which case, no need to fill in the poll.