Dear all

Before the 19/20 season stumbles upon us, we’d like to share with you some lovely words of kindness we’ve received this past year:

An anonymous review from an Audience Club member for our 5th birthday bash: “Magnificent choir. Beautiful singing in a programme of great variety, with moments of perfect simplicity and others rich in texture. Their voices filled the church space. They sang with obvious enjoyment in the music, it was a privilege to listen to them. The piano and violin accompaniment to the Vaughan Williams piece was a delight on its own.”

James Baer, Committee member from Pegasus, on our Good Friday 2019 recital: “I really enjoyed the concert – congratulations on the performance! Apart from the fine quality of the singing, the combination of professionalism and informality was very winning, and I was impressed both by the size of the audience and by the fact that a lot of them seemed to know each other and socialised avidly over wine during the interval. Maybe something to learn from…”

Owain Park upon hearing the Good Friday recording of his Holy is the True Light: “Wow! Sounds super. Thanks so much for programming it. Extra excited for the recording now…”

Bernard Hughes, Arts Desk reviewer, on the LFCCM Dove concert: “Hi Tim – just a quick congratulations on last night. I loved everything you did with the programming and staging – and the choir were in terrific voice. I really enjoyed it.”

Morgan Simes, our very own committee chair, on the LFCCM Dove concert (for which he was an audience member): “Passing of the Year was truly excellent. The choir looked and sounded like they enjoyed the piece and this extra engagement took it to the next level from the rest of the programme. Really fantastic. I really enjoyed all of the second half as well…”

Jamie Cumming-Wesley, composer, on Facebook: “I finally got my act together on some choral music writing and the results are now on Spotify/iTunes/Amazon. It’s a collaboration with the brilliant Epiphoni Consort who did such a good job of recording my Nunc Dimittis in the Voces8 Centre.“

We’ve accumulated lots of great photos from these events, many of which now appear on Facebook if you are interested to look. Keep an eye as more will be uploaded soon, notably from our St Paul’s residency taken by the lovely Sapphire. Feel free to share these widely, but please remember to credit the photographers where necessary (names will be included on FB).

So. There you have it! 🙂 Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your hard work over the last few months, all musically, logistically and socially, and we look forward to seeing you in the coming months (whether it be amongst the choir, from within our audiences or at a London pub sometime!).

Epiphoni love,

Jess x